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Malmo House, Luxford Road, Mount Druitt, Sydney, by Sardaka

Buying Investment Property in Mount Druitt

It can be quite difficult for a suburb to shake off long-held perceptions about it, particularly if they are negative. Once an area is considered unsafe, or even just economically disadvantaged, it can take years for it to be seen differently. That said, there are some great examples of notorious neighbourhoods rehabilitating their image through targeted development, investment, and community engagement.

Mt Druitt has all the makings of such a success story. Until relatively recently, it was a place many people actively avoided, believing it was rife with violence and social issues. In fact, safety remains a key theme of the suburb’s top search terms on Google. However, this is slowly changing as more people begin to explore the area and warm to its unique charm.

Part of the City of Blacktown, Mt Druitt is located just over 40km west of Sydney’s CBD. It also sits within the broader Great Western Sydney region, which is home to almost half of Sydney’s population. It is also recognised as having one of the youngest, most diverse, and fastest growing populations.

This is definitely true for Mt Druitt, which has a long history as a key landing place for recent arrivals. Generations of immigrants have made their home in the area, raising families, building wealth, and creating a sense of community. This has given the area its own distinct character, which has become a source of great pride for locals.

Most notably, Mt Druitt has developed an extremely diverse food culture, with small cafes and specialist markets dotted throughout the suburb. The area is also home to burgeoning music and art scene, and a growing number of coffee shops and bars. This is complemented by a large Westfield Shopping Centre and a smaller shopping strip offering a range of important services.

Mt Druitt also enjoys strong transport links, with express train services connecting the suburb to Parramatta (30 minutes) and the CBD (55 minutes). Residents also have access to a 200 bed hospital and a selection of public and private schools. This is on top of multiple parks and an array of Council-operated amenities, including a public pool and a library.


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About the Mount Druitt Property Market

While there is a lot to love about Mt Druitt, affordability is easily one of its biggest drawcards. Because of its reputation, historically, it has been one of the cheapest areas in Sydney to buy property. However, the ongoing overhaul of the suburb’s image is having a positive impact on local property prices.

As professional buyers agents, this is exactly what we look for in an area, particularly when working with investors. That being said, careful research is still required when choosing a property, as some market segments perform better than others.

For example, Mt Druitt is increasingly seeing interest from buyers who grew up in the area. These are usually people who moved away to pursue career opportunities but now want to return to raise a family. As such, they are generally looking for larger family homes that are on quieter streets and closer to schools.

Similarly, most of Mt Druitt’s public housing stock has been sold off as part of the Blacktown Redevelopment Plan. This has been replaced by multiple new mixed-use developments, which have helped revitalise the area and draw in new investors. This has been further reinforced by a relatively high rental population and historically solid rental yields, particularly for units.

Malmo House, Luxford Road, Mount Druitt, Sydney, by Sardaka

Our Process

As a property investor, you need to make sure you understand the local market before committing to a particular property. This is especially true in highly diverse areas like Mt Druitt, as the opportunities on offer can vary greatly. This is where Search Party Property can really help.

Our buyers advocate service is designed to support investors to secure their financial future through property investment. We work with people from many different backgrounds and investment experience levels, helping them build high performing portfolios. We can also help you define your investment goals and plan your own strategy to achieve them.

We believe the thing that most sets us apart is our approach to researching and analysing the available opportunities. To make sure we have a full picture of a property’s investment potential, we draw data from multiple sources. This includes information on the area’s recent sales and rental performance, emerging demographic trends, and planned infrastructure upgrades and developments.

This gives us a good sense of the kind of returns you could reasonably expect from each property. It also allows us to put together a shortlist and help you select the opportunity that best suits your strategy. Then, once you have picked your preferred property, this insight can inform your offer – which we will help you prepare and submit.

Importantly, our service does not stop at your first property. We know that, while having one investment is great, more will usually be required to achieve your goals. That is why, once one property is set up and producing income, we start working with you on the next one.

If you would like to learn more about our service, or investing in Mt Druitt, contact Search Party Property today.

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