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How to Decide Between Buying a Car or House?

For a moment let’s take the numbers out of the equation. This being the case, the question
comes down to what you value. What’s important to you.

However, if it’s down to the numbers, I would go with the House, every day of the week.
Unless you are a collector and reseller – cars are not an investment.

Why House Wins

  • The dependency on housing is higher than cars. There are other options for cars, for
    example, public transport, uber, taxi, bike, car sharing. However, housing, the
    demand is there.
  • Car value depreciates instantly. You buy a house, and if you buy in the right area at
    the right house, the land value will increase.
  • There are Tax advantages when buying investment property – check with your
    accountant as individual circumstances vary.
  • If driverless cars take over the market, the industry is up for a massive overhaul.
    Land is a lot more stable.
  • In the short term the sexy car may provide the most value. However, I encourage you to
    think in terms of short term and long term gratification. Delaying the sexy car now could
    mean that you can purchase 5 sexy car’s later.

I always suggest with any investment, ask yourself why you are investing for? Keep asking
yourself this question to get to the truth. Investing in property will give you options and open
up your thinking? What will the car do?

If you are considering investing in property, contact us to discuss.