MY TIPS FOR OVER-THINKERS - searchpartyproperty


Chronic overthinking! We have all been there. The washing machine on a repeat cycle. And the only person that can stop the machine, is you.

If your machine is still running, and you haven’t emptied the water and taken the clothes out to dry, then here are 8 tips to help you break free so you can get with actualising results.

  1. Work with a Property Coach / Mentor. Some that you trust, respect and can be completely honest with you.
  2. Stay focused on what you are trying to achieve
  3. Remind yourself of things you have overthought in the past. Did it work out as bad as you thought? Was it worth the angst? Did you wish you did it sooner?
  4. Ask yourself what you would regret more – Doing something or not doing something.
  5. Continue to make everything as simple and as basic as possible. Don’t over complicate. Seek the support of people who have completed the same journey as you but 100 times. (So they know it like the back of their hand).
  6. Keep yourself accountability. A vision board in your home or office will remind you of what you want, especially when life gets in the way.
  7. What would your older self say to you if you in 5 – 10 years if you didn’t go ahead with buying an investment property?
  8. Don’t get lost in your head. Pause the tape. Stop the tape. Throw out the tape. Whatever helps you draw a line in the sand of the person in you that’s holding you back.