Property Investing Strategy - Does One Size Fit All?

Property Investing Strategy – Does one size fit all?

The trusted one size fits all!! Yes, it comes up in property investing as well.

My advice is to leave the ‘one size fits all’ approach to buying apparel. And to be honest, after seeing a personal stylist (hope you noticed – feedback welcome!), I still wouldn’t recommend this as a very good idea.

The ‘Where you are’ and ‘Where you want to be’ are the most important questions you can ask yourself when you get started in property. The answers to these two questions will form a key part of the property strategy that is right for you.

There are a lot of property products out there. One business will sell you one product, another business will sell you another product. Both will be selling you on this being the best product for where you are at. So which one do you choose?

This is one of the reasons I started Search Party Property. There is confusion in this market. New investors are nervous and don’t know who to trust. And sometimes it feels like you have to be in ‘the know’ to take a step forward.

The fact is, not one property product is right for everyone. Through my continued research and first hand experience in the market, the right product might be right for you now, but this could change at anytime, particularly as you grow your investment portfolio.

It’s also worth mentioning that your relationship with money and your level of risk has an impact on the product you go with.

Trust is the big one here.

Ask questions, do your research and find someone you trust to always put your interests first.

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