Buying Property in Winter

The season of hibernation? Buying Property in Winter.

Typically, the property market slows down during the winter months.  It makes sense. Everyone knows the feeling of wanting to stay in during the colder months. The perfect time to recuperate and restore, but also sit back and take stock.

If you are in a recuperation and restoration place I am suggesting you take the time to dream. Let your mind go. And see where it takes you. Then let your heart go and see where that takes you. Are they aligned?

We often don’t give ourselves the time or the permission to dream. But I say dream as much as you can.

It’s the dream that will inspire you to take your next step. It’s the dream that property investing acts as a vehicle for.

But if you are not the slow down type and you have your dreams in full view, then it’s your time to get active (whilst others are hibernating). You can get a leg up on pre-spring sales, quick sale properties, bidding at auctions with little competition, motivated sellers.

My only suggestion is that you make it a memorable winter… contemplation, dreams, action …. Plant the seeds for a flourishing spring.

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