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Property Investment Consultants – who to have on your team.

The people who you want on your property investment team of consultants:

  1. Mortgage Broker – Identify your borrowing capacity
  2. Property Mentor / Coach – To create your property investing strategy
  3. Company / Individual to assist in Property Selection
  4. Solicitor / Conveyancer – Manage all contracts, communication and additional negotiations (if required) with the seller’s solicitor.
  5. Accountant – Work with an Accountant that is a Property Investor
  6. Pest & Building Inspector – You don’t want to be a number. The outcome of this inspection can change so many factors, for example, do you proceed with the buy, can you negoitiate further on the price, what costs do you need to factor in for repairs, etc.
  7. Property Manager – They manage the tenants and also any repairs required if you choose.
  8. Repair & Maintenance Contractors – For any work you need doing.
  9. Other Property Investors – Have a handful of people that are in the same if not better position than you. Learn from them.

The most important factor in identifying / selecting your property investment consultant team is TRUST. Get a feel on whether this person is someone you would like to work with for the next 10+ years. Do they feel genuine? Do they actually care about you? Do they know their stuff? How can they help you further develop? Are they good people?

Trust is everything in this game. There are so many variables that you couldn’t possibly be across. Therefore finding people you trust, to not only close the gap on your knowledge, but people that also want to genuinely see you succeed, irrespective of their agenda.