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Regional Property Investment – Pros and Cons

My recommendation would be to stay away from property investing in regional areas. I personally wouldn’t be investing, and I wouldn’t advise my clients to do so either. This is based on two things: the level of safety of regional property investment and securing optimal returns. Both of which I believe regional property doesn’t deliver on.

There are a few reasons why you would consider going regional:

  • Increasing flexibility in the workplace, i.e. work from anywhere in the world.
  • Infrastructure developments. There are some regional areas where serious investment is being made.
  • Promises of improved transport system. It will definitely come. The million dollar question is when?!!
  • If you are going for a buy, fix and sell in a short period of time. A short enough time frame so the market doesn’t turn.

I am sure there are a lot more reasons to invest in a regional property investment. The list could well go on for pages, however the one fundamental risk when investing in regional areas is their history and reliance on one stream to support the economy. Also referred to as ‘one trick pony towns’. A common term used by property experts. Mining towns are a great example of this. When mining is booming the town is going great guns, when the mining boom is over, the town is left high and dry and property prices fall through the floor.

If you are a first time property investor you want to be building equity and cash flow and therefore I would highly recommend only going regional if you are in need of a mini-break or it’s time to visit a long lost family member!

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