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February 19, 2017

What’s best for You ? Property or other Investments?

Before jumping in to answer where you would go property or other investments, there are three key areas that you should be considering, which I discuss in this video: Leverage, what you are passionate about and liquidity. Based on your current situation and aspirations, looking at the benefits and risks for you, in respect to each area and then the total outlook.
February 26, 2017

Why Attend Seminars? The Extra Benefits!

Two people can attend the same seminar and have a completely different experience. One can take a passive approach, and let information come to them. The other can take an interactive approach, and engage with the speakers, the seminar organisers, other people in the room. Meeting like-minded people is one the key benefits of attending a seminar, where you are interested in the topic being spoken about. If it's a property seminar, you can learn so much in a couple of hours, by not just listening to the speakers, but walking the room and asking people questions. This is how I came to start my business.
March 5, 2017

Basic Property Investment Strategy!

Property Investment can and is very basic. The more basic the better in most cases. If you are not involved in property investing on a daily basis, then naturally it won't feel so basic to you when you first start out. But let me assure you, it can be made basic. If you get good advice and don't overcomplicate things. In this video I discuss: What is a basic investment strategy, What input will this need from you, what you need to consider.
July 3, 2017

How will Badgerys Creek Airport affect Western Sydney Property?

The impact of Badgery's Creek Airport and Western Sydney Property will be significant. The Badgery's Creek Airport is 15 years away from completion. That's in my books, a total of two property cycles. We are already seeing an impact on property prices around the Badgery's Creek area. We will continue to see this, but how fast, will be determined by, the release of land and housing, population growth, business growth, government and infrastructure support.