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Queensland Property Market

July 12, 2017

Queensland. Beautiful one day, Investor paradise the next.

In the last 5 years, New South Wales (specifically Sydney) has delivered on ‘near perfect’, if you are an investor. (If you are NRL State Origin supporter than this is the opposite case for you).Whilst the Sydney market is ‘in and out of the bubble’ talk of late, it is important to focus on the future. This is where Queensland has already turned the tide. With foreseeable smooth sailing to the Whitsundays!! There are so many great reasons why you should have an investment property in Queensland, if you haven't already. If you have, maybe it's time for another.
July 6, 2022

How will the Queensland Housing Boom Impact the Property Market?

Many areas have experienced a property boom since the start of the global pandemic. But while most markets have started to cool, Queensland continues to power on, delivering fairly consistent growth. The state’s population also continues to swell, with some predicting it will hit 6 million by 2027. Here we take a closer look at the Sunshine State’s current property boom and exactly what is driving it. We also look ahead and try to predict how long the good times are likely to last. And, most importantly, we will consider what this means for property investors and the moves you should be making.