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September 5, 2017

Spring into Sydney. Smell the Roses, but Do Your Homework

Sydney auction clearance rate is slightly down. But before we make assumptions that the Sydney market isn’t performing as well as it was, take note of the increase in the number of properties listed and the fact that there are less buyers in the market. And don't take notice of everything you see and read. Do your homework and discern between what's media smoke / speculation and what is actual fact. Stay away from regional areas unless you have done a very thorough investigation, and more so if this is your firs property investment.
May 21, 2018

Owning vs Renting & Investing in Property – How Much of Your Heart Is in Your Home?

If it's not you, there is someone you know that is completely attached to their home. But as time goes on the definition of home is changing. The world isn't as big as we once believed. We can change homes, we can change countries, in a matter of no time. We are regarding experiences more important than things, and this has impacted our view of how we regard our home. From the binding of a family unit and the bedrock of memories and emotions to the modern idea that home changes.