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Good Debt

November 1, 2016

Fear of Debt!

Debt makes a lot of people nervous. Some people don't believe they will be able to rest until they have paid all their debt off. It's something that can play on your mind. How do you alleviate this, at the very least, reduce it, so you don't reduce your 'wealth creation' potential, and can sleep at night? My answer is buffers. Put buffers in place, but be careful on how restrictive you make them.
August 30, 2022

What’s Good Debt?

Debt is a bit of a complex topic for property investors. We need it to fund further purchases, grow our portfolios, and can even use it to reduce our tax bills. However, it can also eat into our returns, negate our gains, and even drive us to sell off assets. Based on this, many investors view debt as a “necessary evil” – something that should be used sparingly and managed conservatively. While this approach should help minimise the risks associated with taking on debt, it can actually inhibit portfolio growth. It also overlooks that not all debt is created equal, and that some debt is actually good debt.