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First Time Property Investing

October 27, 2016

How to make Property Investing Fun?

Property investing doesn't have to be this structured, suited up, finance talking, vibe. You can definitely make it fun. It doesn't take a lot of work to make it fun. It's always good to stay close to the reason why you first wanted to get into property investing. Despite this potentially changing as you travel the path, the energy that you feel, from the first time, is strong and compelling, and something to hold onto. On-top of this, there are three ideas I have that can build the next level of fun times.
October 27, 2016

Cash in the Bank or Invest?

The old schoolers out there, if they are still alive, thought burying cash was one of the answers to creating wealth. In this current climate, where interest rates are low, does it still make sense to pile the cash and lock it up for a rainy day or use the cash to invest and grow equity whilst creating an additional revenue stream?
October 31, 2016

Intuition and Property Investing

There is an array of property experts out there that you can work with to help you build your property investment portfolio. But how do you choose who is right for you. Intuition and property investing work together. Yes you want to have the facts an the bio's on the table, but you also what to tap into your intuition. What's your gut saying? Is this person someone you would like to work with on an ongoing basis? Can you trust them? Does it feel good? Or a bit wobbly?
November 1, 2016

Fear of Debt!

Debt makes a lot of people nervous. Some people don't believe they will be able to rest until they have paid all their debt off. It's something that can play on your mind. How do you alleviate this, at the very least, reduce it, so you don't reduce your 'wealth creation' potential, and can sleep at night? My answer is buffers. Put buffers in place, but be careful on how restrictive you make them.