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October 4, 2017

Multiple Streams of Income – with Real Estate Investments

Are you considering property investment as a revenue stream? This could be your second, in addition to your income, or other investments, or you have plans to make it your first and only stream. Generally the more streams the greater the knowledge, diverse thinking, learning and experience. Which transfers to all aspects of our lives, not just property investing. If you keep the same company all your life and never venture into broadening your circle, then your life will be lived in one stream. If it's a good stream and that's all you need - then that's great. But this isn't the case for everyone.
January 8, 2018

Life is not a Competition & Neither is Property. Share your Knowledge.

From such a young age we learn about competitiveness, and how the more competitive you are, the greater the opportunity to springboard yourself forward. This doesn’t end when you become an adult, in fact, it can get heighten.