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Getting started in property investing

October 4, 2017

How to get Started in Property Investing

Getting started in Property Investing is a lot easier than you think. There is so much help out there today, so you don't have to go it alone. The five fundamentals are: 1. Build your Savings Base. 2. Open your Eyes and Ears. 3. Manage your Mindset. 4. Have a Plan. 5. Take Action. A lot of people fall off on number 5 - which becomes the difference between someone talking about property investing and some actually doing it.
March 29, 2018

Upfront cost in property investing?

How much do you need to get started in property investing and what are the expectations around what that investment will deliver? How much deposit will get me to my first property? Property investing isn’t about buying a one million dollar house. Find a strategy that is right for you for today and years to come.
April 12, 2018


Doing something for the first time can be a liberating experience, and it doesn’t have to be as hard as we think. The Psychology of First plays a role changes as we grow up. From a child, everything we do is a 'First', but as we get older this can change significantly. Making a first time investment may seem scary, Where do you start? Who do you speak to? Who can you trust?
April 23, 2018

Why wait, Invest in Property – NOW!

Do you want to get started in property investing. Is this something you have been thinking about for some time? What are possibilities when it comes to property investment. How can you make it happen? What the video to for tips on how you can get started in property investing.